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Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential.

My story is an example of how Passion and Courage can lead you to places you'd never imagined.



Rock and Roll

Marta Rhaulin was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She attended the Federal University of Bahia, where she studied Music and Performing Arts. Her passion for music was known at a very early age. Her career began in 1982 with "Ligaçao Direta", an Alternative Rock band composed by Marta as the Lead Singer —

Dominic Smith/Guitar — Joaquim Kahi/Guitar — 

Waltão Great/Bass — Sabiá/Saxophone —

 Flavio Guaraná/Drums.



The Queen of Carnivals

In 1983, Marta began studying Percussion and the  Art of Fusion between Afro & Brazilian rhythms. She spent most of her time in recording studios and touring through Brazil. That same year she released her second album "Maraxe" which led her to perform in "Trios Electricos" for the Carnival season, this was the birth of The Queen of Carnivals, she won "Rainha Do Carnaval Baiano" for 10 consecutive years.

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 7.16.18 PM.png

Rhythm &

In 1990 Marta released her first solo album "Muevete", and her song called  "Meneate" became a radio hit, that same year Marta recorded a song for the SONY MUSIC album "Lambateria Tropical" which became a Gold-Selling hit, and "The Best of Bossa Nova". Her name was gaining international recognition along with her "Rhythm & Sensuality", a slogan used to introduce her in every stage she performed.

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Dúo Roy & Rhaulin

Best known as "El Duo Sensación",

Marta Rhaulin and Roy Roselló (Ex Menudo)

not only did they unite their hearts but also their successful music careers. Together they created an innovative and exotic sound mixing their Brazilian and Puerto Rican backgrounds. Their sound was a blend of Swing, Samba-Reggae, Merengue, and Salsa giving a different atmosphere to their shows. They became an Iconic power couple for the Brazilian audience. Roy & Rhaulin received a SONY MUSIC Gold Award in 1996.

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Reach for the Stars

"TIC TIC TAC" hit single impersonated by Marta Rhaulin received Platinum recognition in 1997, she also performed at the International Billboard Awards in Los Angeles that same year. Marta's musical career was at the top. From airplanes to stages, and recurring visits to TV & radio shows, Marta's life was one of a true superstar.



Life is a Song,
and I feel the Music

In 2002 Marta Rhaulin and "El General" released

"Mi Rumba", hit song that gained popularity among the Latin audience. Marta expanded her career performing in major events and stages in Miami, FL. A city that became her home in the music and television industry. 



Music Awards
& Discography

Ligaçao Direta   |   Gravadora Copacabana-BR   |   1985  |  

Lambateria Tropical  |   Sony Music-BR   |   1987  |   

Duo Roy & Rhaulin — Echa Pa Aca   |  Sony Music - Gold Award    |   1996  |

TIC TIC TAC   |   WEA Records   |   Platinum Award   |   1997  |    


Mi Rumba — Marta Rhaulin & El General   |   WEA Records   |   Silver Recognition   |   1997  |  


Titanic — Portuguese Dub  |   NBC  |  BVI Communication   |   1997  |

Gigantosauros  |   DISNEY  |  Universal Cinergia   |   2019  |

The Crown   |   NETFLIX   |   Universal Cinergia   |   2019  |    

El Patrón Del Mal  |  NETFLIX    |   Universal Cinergia  |  2019  |  


South Park  |   COMEDY CENTRAL  |  Universal Cinergia    |   Cartman & Kyle  |  1994 - 2010  |

La Reina Del Sur  |   TELEMUNDO  |  Universal Cinergia    |   Teresa Mendoza  |  2017 - 2021  |   

Houdini   |   AMAZON PRIME VIDEO  |  Universal Cinergia    |   Houdini Bess |  2017 - 2021  |  

Voice Exclusive  |   MTV   |  Lead Voice for all Promos and Projects    |   BR

The Crown   |   NETFLIX  |  Universal Cinergia    |   Queen Elizabeth |  2019  |  ...


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